Lead With Perspective

Know Tomorrow





Today it is possible to predict tomorrow; however, accuracy is still highly dependent on obtaining, maintaining, and managing robust and sizable datasets. Multi-label classification, Sequence Generation Models, Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Label classification, and Natural Language Understanding with Universal Language Models are all available at your finger-tips in the cloud. However, with all this advancement, your organization needs the talent to understand and implement AI and Machine Learning both on-premises and in the cloud. Vantage Point is here to help.


Big Data

We all know the amount of data in the world is increasing exponentially. Gain a new Vantage Point on your data by allowing us to help you consume, model, manage, and draw insights. Vantage Point is well-versed in AWS, Azure, and IBM Cloud, and our consultants are constantly involved in the emerging field of Big Data. Have you heard of Data Warehouse-as-a-Service? Let Vantage Point show you how your organization does not need to spend a fortune to setup and manage a Data Warehouse.


AI and Machine


What used to be expensive is now almost free. In the past ten years, the ability to gain analytical insights, train AI models, or make use of Machine Learning has moved to the cloud and is now available to anyone. The only problem, talent is limited. Vantage Point has helped the Federal Government and Higher Education make use of Natural Language Processing and AI models to offer their user’s insights they have never considered before.





Help your leadership visualize opportunities and insights: Vantage Point is ready to help your organization evaluate, procure, and implement leading analytics platforms such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, Looker, IBM Watson, and Salesforce. Our Vantage Point is that without proper contextualized understanding of data, data is useless.