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Get “Unstuck”



Is your organization stuck with a static, written strategic plan which is impeding agility and change? How about a new Vantage Point - a Strategic Culture. We believe that taking the strategic planning process and weaving it into your company’s culture will cause your employees to live a strategy rather than follow a strategy.




Having a strategic culture will cause everyone in your organization to believe they are part of the plan, and therefore, be freed to create ideas and solutions which will drastically improve or accelerate your processes. By combining our experience with Agile, we will help you break-down your strategic plan into consumable increments across your enterprise.



Vantage Point Workshops have included strategic planning at the highest level of the University, Student Success and Retention including, but not limited to, marketing and new program ideation, course development process improvement, communications strategies, advising processes, and large-scale technology implementations. We would love to help facilitate your next strategic planning workshop.


Strategic Plan


Draw on our vast experience of helping the Federal Government and Higher Education evaluate and choose the best courses of action for the realization of your organization’s goals, objectives, and vision.




Often times we find organizations need outside thinking, ideas, and knowledge of industry best-practices to help bring-to-life strategic plan initiatives. Vantage Point has fueled innovation across the Federal Government and Higher Education for the past fifteen years.