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C#, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, APIs - native, cloud, desktop, or mobile - We love to build. Vantage Point is a full-stack technology company capable of helping you navigate the cloud while delivering meaning and useful applications that will delight your end-users.




Got an idea, but no one to build it? How about a new Vantage Point. We would love to be your technology partner! We build powerful OS-optimized applications for any platform (windows, MacOS, Linux). However, above all, our speciality is web applications optimized to perform and respond to any conditions. Lastly, we deploy a Mobile-first Vantage Point where all web-based applications are first built for Mobile devices.




Responsive, scalable, and enterprise mobile applications that can take advantage of native mobile features are a must have for any Enterprise. We have extensive experience building mobile applications for Federal and Higher Education institutions.


Cloud Migration

and Management

Vantage Point is ready to help you navigate your application cloud migrations. We have experience building, migrating, and managing applications in Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. We understand how to minimize your cost, optimize performance, and help you navigate the numerous tools and features of cloud providers.




Vantage Point provides custom Application Programming Interface (API) services which covers the planning, building, testing, publishing, documenting, and maintaining of APIs. We can help you navigate logging, performance, integration, and implementation of internal and third-party APIs.